Explore, Heal, and Love your body

with sensual movement

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About Devotion

If you feel stuck in a life that is keeping you small, keeping you from

Devotion is an exploration of self through sensual movement, reflection, and connection.

We use embodied movement exercises:

  • to connect with your deepest dreams and desires for your life
  • to break free from mindsets and habits that are holding you back, and
  • to embody the new blissfully happy life that you deserve.

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Over 8 weeks together, we will practice a weekly ritual of Devotion to connect with your body’s wisdom, uncover your truth, and experience the becoming of who you truly are.

With the Devotion program, you’ll get:

  • Weekly live sessions to move and connect
  • Guided reflection and group coaching to help you explore your thoughts and desires 
  • Exercises to help you integrate the work we do together into your lifestyle so you can immediately begin to engage in the fullness of your authentic life 
  • A community to exchange loving support 
  • Love and acceptance of who you are right now in this moment and of the person you are becoming  

What a precious gift!

I'm so thankful that Melanie shared this space and that I chose to take time for myself. 

I appreciate the carefully curated playlist and the "spiritual" message that was baked into the class. Merging dance with the sort of intention-creating and meditation that you often find in yoga is perfection. I feel awake, empowered, centered, and happy. 

— Caitlin O.

Pleased to meet you!

Hello! My name is Melanie and I am a pole dance and sensual movement instructor, and a health and lifestyle coach and researcher. I was widowed before the age of 30 and have since been on a personal journey to heal and live my fullest, authentic life.

When I first started pole dance 14 years ago, it was exactly what I needed! I was a graduate student in a completely structured, masculine system based on productivity, competition, and power. Don’t get me wrong – I do love science and knowledge (I mean, one of our values is excellence) – but I desperately needed to nurture my feminine energy to bring some balance to my life.

Over the past 14 years, I have experienced many different forms of pole dance – exotic, artistic, fitness, and more. While I have loved all styles, sensual movement has by far been the one that brought me most back to my basics of being and most helped me along my continuing path to rediscover and thrive as my authentic self.

The practice of sensual movement invited me to tune into my body’s sensations to deeply connect with my body. The practice allowed me to explore my movement with openness, presence, playful curiosity, courage, vulnerability, love, and acceptance. It celebrated the perfectly imperfect version of myself in the moment and invited growth and progression.

In developing the Devotion Method, I reflected back and brought together the most powerful pieces of my sensual movement practice to share with you to guide your journey to discover and devote to your authentic self.