Shine your Light:

Winter Solstice free dance, reflection and intention setting


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In this signature class you will:

  • Experience an energizing and empowering movement class that follows our exclusive sensual movement class framework to help you relax, re-energize, and (re)connect your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Learn the ONE mindset shift that will help you see your light and power
  • Learn the 3 biggest myths about goal/intention setting that may be keeping you from achieving your dreams and being the confident, empowered woman that you are!

Pleased to meet you!

Hello! My name is Melanie and I am a pole dance and sensual movement instructor, and a health and lifestyle coach and researcher. I was widowed before the age of 30 and have since been on a personal journey to heal and live a meaningful life.

There are many things about pole dance that I have found particularly helpful to me in my journey. The balance of the strength and sensuality, the accomplishment of positive challenges, the invitation to play and explore, the relationships I've built with amazing people, and so much more!

I found free movement in particular to be key to my realization of my wholeness and authenticity. This reflective practice really helped me reconnect to my body and the real me that had been hidden beneath layers hurt, insecurities, limiting beliefs, etc. I was able to find my true self, accept my uniqueness, and build a loving relationship with myself.

I created Volair's signature sensual movement class structure to help you reconnect with yourself. So you can see the power of your uniqueness, your stories, your "brokenness" (which I don't really believe in, but more on that another time). I believe that each of us has unique gifts to share with the world. This class will allow you to explore and discover your authentic movement and through that, your authentic self. I hope you will become more aware of all of the amazing things that make you YOU. There is no need to be like everyone else. The world needs your light. Come SHINE with me!